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Ruby the kitten

Ruby was the first ever kitten to join If you want a top-class, glittering parade, Ruby may well be the kitten for you. She twirls a baton incredibly well for someone without opposable thumbs.

Timothy the kitten

Timothy is a hardworking, reliable ex-army kitten. He may not do glitz and glamour, but you can be sure he'll turn up on time. His parades go with military precision, without a foot wrong. And he almost never gets flashbacks to his days in 'Nam these days.

Warren the kitten

Warren may be a miserable old bugger, but when it comes to imagination, he's second to none. Expect jetpacks. Expect giant robots. Expect... Well, expect the unexpected, really. Also, he's a cyborg.

Sid the kitten

A tough kitten, who describes himself as a hardcore punk. If you want a procession of mean, snarling, intimidating kittens, marching along to the finest of 80s hardcore, Sid's your man. Well, your kitten, anyway.